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Sydney Harbour Paint Company
1520 Cotner Ave
Los AngelesCA 90025
 (310) 444-2882

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Mar 17, 2019

The lime wash paints are truly superlative! The colors are pure and intense, and the effect is warm and welcoming even with "cool" colors. Vanessa was delightful to work with and had great suggestions when I needed them. This paint will make your home your favorite place to be!

Laur Benson
Laur Benson
Mar 16, 2019

It was so great to have a hands on workshop like this. It made me want to try all kinds of projects in and around my new home!! Excellent!

Jan 29, 2019

Love the lime wash! And your products, excellent service. Must say very good company for anyone looking for something special. L.

Dec 27, 2018

This forgotten technique yields a unique and very attractive finish. Sydney Harbour is the only company I was able to find that offers tinted premixed lime wash. The ability to order small inexpensive samples is a nice feature. The only drawback was that the colors on the website did not display well on my machine and I needed to ultimately buy the color chart. I will be using this product again.

Danni B
Danni B
Dec 15, 2018

I absolutely ADORE the live wash paint we have. In a bit of a rush to get some house reno completed by the holidays I chose a color a little too light. I was upset at first but was able to work, via phone and email, with a lovely woman (Vanessa) who sent us color samples and suggested a custom mix which is what we ultimately went with! 2days later I was happily limewashing my walls. Awesome customer service all the way to the east coast. We get SO many compliments. I’m trying to decide what room to paint next!

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